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The reason I began classical training for my voice was that I wanted to hear how my voice would sound like, after developing professional technique. Since this takes years to accomplish, and I am studying for a about 3 months, I haven`t developed a vocal freedom yet.
My other interest was my vocal range.

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I am a soprano, my register changes in the same spots, as a typical soprano. The typical soprano range is C4 to C6. I have a register change at G3 which is the lowest note I can hit in a chest-head mixture, and I continue to sing in chest voice until E3, which is my very gravely sound you will be hearing.
After that I will begin singing from around C6 to C7.
I`m not actually singing operatic, but I don`t have the breathy quality of a pop singer either.

Although you only hear my extreme register tones, my most powerful clearest and most comfortable range is around E5 reaching flageolet.

Based on where you feel most comfortable you could establish your Fach. You could be a lyric soprano that can reach high coloratura notes (although they will lack power and clearness). Usually lyric sopranos go up to C6, but are comfortable usually lower then E5.
If you have a warmer and lighter voice like I have you can be a coloratura sfogato. Sfogatos usually go with great ease above F6. As you can hear until I hit C7 (the highest note) I don`t break and the notes are clear.
If you can go even higher and sing in the range of C7-C8 you can be a picolo soprano. I never tried that, since I didn`t receive any coloratura training yet and singing extreme flageolet can be damaging if not done right.

  1. Good to see you blogging . Anyway i think c7-c8 is almost never required for a metal singer , yeah i know it sounds foolish cause you can find some singers that go very high but usually they are very rare , and the saddest part is that nowadays a lot of singers don’t have a musical background or culture , for example i have a relative that has a band , a band and i think she sounds horrible , but that dose not matter since she’s singing in a punk band , an anti-fa one , she has songs like ” nazis raus ” and others with same message , and yeah she is singing in german ,i think she is wasting her time , as far as i know she was a commie from the moment i seen her , despite that she held a few concerts , but i never went to one .

    Good Luck with your new blog , waiting for future posts šŸ™‚

  2. Yes, you will hear piccolo notes only in pop music where the background music has far less volume as the singing voice, since high whistle notes are sooo weak.
    You will never hear them in opera, where you have to sustain your notes over an orchestra or in metal where the distortion and drums are also loud. The highest soprano note ever recorded in opera was a Db7 by Mado Robin. It`s amazing!!

    • Ken
    • May 17th, 2012

    You have some good information here.
    I would like to point out an error…. leggiero tenore or tenore di grazia is NOT the same as a counter tenor.
    A counter tenor is a baritone singing in falsetto, while a light tenor is simply a tenor with a lighter quality (the speiltenor is the German term).

    Best regards

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